Writing & Coaching services to provide clarity with job-searching and life transition to bring you closer to your dream job and the life you deserve!


Basic Package* – Perfect when you know exactly what job you are applying for and have a good chance of getting it because you know someone who knows someone.

*Now with LinkedIn preview and Top 3 Tips included!

Advanced Package – You’ll want this one when you’re stepping out into the job-search arena with eyes a little wide open because about 87% of recruiters view your LinkedIn Profile in order to help them through the decision-making process – and you definitely want to be on there! I’ve also packaged it with 1 hour’s Interview Coaching to work through your fears and prepare you for the interview.

Diva Package – The Resume price on its own is $160 ($90 for returning clients) but you don’t want to pay me $900 to have 10 Resumes tailored to each job you’re applying for. Yes, there should be minimum10 Resumes being sent daily, if possible. But here, the $919 package gives you FULL support along the journey and knowledge that you take into the future – after all, we tend to change jobs every 3-5 years. Invest for a lifetime 😉

Ebook –

A comprehensive guide to be used throughout life, gifted to your children and grandchildren, on all things Job-Searching, Job Interviews, LinkedIn and LIFE!

Simply click on Contact and let me know you’d like to order a copy!

Just $17.00.

PDF Ebook sent to you via email.

Chapters include:

Chapter 1 Your Smashing Resume!
Chapter 2 The Ultimate LinkedIn Profile
Chapter 3 Amazing Words: Selection Criteria
Chapter 4 Through the Interview Door
Chapter 5 Carefree Confidence and Fabulous Freedom
Chapter 6 Job Searching Made Easy
Chapter 7 Tell Me What You Want!
Filler Words to Delete
Tidbits to Save Space on Cover Letter
Top 25 Interview Questions
Job Search Task List
Job Search Follow-up Table

LUCIDResumes, Words By Alicia
All Things Job-Searching, LinkedIn, Interviews and LIFE!