I am pretty happy with what you offer and I would like to place an ‘order’.

Wonderful! Please note that I need copy of your Resume + payment before getting started on the work. Once you are ready to go ahead:

Please send me copy of your Resume (and Cover Letter if you have started one) as a first recourse.

I’ve sent you my Resume, so what happens next?

(a) I will send you an Invoice for payment

(b) Please make payment and send me receipt with today’s date. Work will begin once I have received both Resume + payment.

(c) I will contact you to arrange a Consultation.

Behind the scenes I am making frenzied notes about your Resume – scribbling and highlighting all over the place – and making notes about the skills and qualities I need to ‘show off’ for you in preparation for our Consultation.

What is the Consultation about? Can you just call me?

In my experience my clients end up much more satisfied when they have had the chance to meet me and when I’ve had the chance to get to know them and really ‘get’ them.

In saying that, though I prefer it,  the Consultation is not crucial. It helps me to complete the work within the standard 8-10 hours that it takes for a clear & concise job application. But if you’re absolutely pressed, I understand and I’m more than happy to arrange:

Phone call or Skype meeting as optional alternatives.

Career Change: I am changing jobs/industries so can you help me with my Career Change job application?

I most certainly can! This is one of the challenges I absolutely love to plunge my teeth into! I will tell you this: The fact that you are even remotely interested in a new industry you haven’t worked in before means that there is something about the new role in the new industry that speaks to the essence of YOU. Chances are, you have the skills required for the new role within you already. All we need to do is flesh them out and match them up to what your new boss needs to hear, and that is exactly what I am going to do for you!

Colourful Job History: I’ve had lots of different jobs in my lifetime and I’m not sure what you can do for me. How far back do we need to go in the Resume?

As someone who has had a very colourful working background herself, I absolutely love to ‘clear and streamline’ a Resume that is also full of different experiences. I’m the Manager with an unruly protocol to sort out; I’m the hairdresser with dreadlocks to untangle; I’m the mechanic with sludged and seized engine to fix! Just give it to me! I can help!

PS: We only need to go back 10 years in a Resume. Although I believe that Workplace Health & Safety and Human Life positions such as Nursing, do merit a full and relevant work history.

Your standard ETA is 7 days but it sounds a bit too long to me.

It is the usual ETA in the industry, however, 7 days gives us plenty of time to arrange a suitable time for Consultation and for me to arrange my schedule to complete all jobs on the go at the time. It also allows for the weekend and any public holidays, during which I do not work.

If you require your documents sooner, fees are as follows:-

5-6 day turnaround – $30

3-4 day turnaround – $65

48 hour turnaround – $100

The ETA is calculated from when I have received Resume + payment.

What payment options do you offer?

Direct Bank Transfer per Invoice sent to you via email, or Cash at our Consultation. Please let me know if you prefer paying by cash, so I can bring a Receipt to you on the day of Consult. Also, be aware that by paying Cash at our Consultation, the ETA for completed documents is calculated from that day.

Do I really need a Cover Letter?

In a difficult job market, it is crucial. Most people believe that writing a brief introduction about themselves and what they are passionate about at work is enough for a Cover Letter. It is not true!

The Cover Letter is your chance to truly sell yourself and I believe it is actually the foundation to your Resume. I strongly believe that the 2 documents go hand-in-hand.

I’m in this to genuinely help you and not just to make a few bucks. I strongly believe that spending the time on a Cover Letter increases your chances over the next person’s application.

The Cover Letter … But it’s just words?

Oh it is #morethanjustwordsmydear ! There is nothing that irks a potential employer more than a lazy and mumbling Cover Letter that sounds like every other one they’ve already read!

I actually offer a ‘Selection Criteria’ style Cover Letter because why should only professional or government positions have the pleasure and privilege of a well-written branding document – which is what your Cover Letter is. It is all about YOU.

Consider a fantastic Cover Letter that is bold and confident, with clear and concise statements about your skills. Consider each paragraph being presented complete with examples of how you gained that skill and how you have recently demonstrated that skill. Consider a Cover Letter that easily creates pictures inside the potential employer’s mind, making it an absolute breeze to read. Why not throw in words and language that reflects the company’s or industry’s values – for good measure.

Now there is a good Cover Letter that any employer would enjoy reading – with a cup of a coffee!

Can I still get only a Resume from you?

After all is said and done as per previous questions, yes you can 🙂  Just contact me for further information.

Can you send me samples?

I know a lot of Resume writers/companies do provide samples on their websites. However, I find absolutely no value to you in providing samples.

Reasons for this are as follow:

a. I straight up do not sell “a pretty Resume”. Pretty Resumes often end up in the bin. (Trust me, I’ve been the one to throw them in the bin!) These days, we have autobots to worry about, reading the Resume long before a pair of human eyes does, and autobots do not read pretty fonts and colours. The visuals I concentrate on are white space on the page, and ensuring it is easy to scan/read for the recruiter.

b. I sell “a tailored Resume” – the tailoring of the content to reflect YOU and your skills to the job advertisement, the company and their values, and the industry. As such, there is no one Resume that I’ve ever seen to be similar in content to another.

c. No offense meant at all whatsoever with this third point, but many clients come to me seeking one thing for their Resume, while I can see they really need to focus on another. So I might send you a sample and you’ll see it through your eyes, with one thing in mind – but it is most likely a completely different thing that I need to do for you (and you won’t know it by looking at a sample).

d. A Resume is a Resume is a Resume. When the recruiter is flipping through hundreds of them, it comes down to the words and whether it’s easy on the eye those first few seconds, or not.

After all is said and done, I don’t actually have anything to hide so I’m happy to provide a sample if you can advise you’ve read the above ^ and you’re still interested 🙂

Do you provide any other writing services?

Yes I do! I can assist with application letters for university and scholarships.

I can also assist with proofreading & editing of your website content.

Can you help me with my Uni assignment?

Been there, done that! And no. But I can help you with your Graduate Application!

Research Concierge: I am really time-poor and just need someone to research and shortlist 20 jobs for me to apply for (or find the best version of that course that I really want to begin next year).

I can absolutely help with that, just email me for further information.

Pricing: I’ve seen someone sell their editorial services for $50. Why is there such a vast difference between their pricing and yours?

I absolutely believe in value for money. Did you know that it takes 8-10 hours to complete a Resume & Cover Letter? Some in the industry would say that the Resume alone would take this length of time!

Whilst I cannot vouch for the quality of content or the level of dedication you might receive for $50, I can say that I offer documents that are tailored to you, the relevant requirements for your job, your industry, and company values of the job you are applying for. I undertake thorough and detailed research of your role at large, your industry and the company in order to best serve you. My pricing also includes Consultation with you and while I do not charge per hour, I do take my time into great consideration when setting my price. I am positive that you are well aware of the value of Time.

Furthermore, I provide a Guide with your completed documents to assist you in writing your next Cover Letter. So essentially, you are investing just once – for a lifetime.

How long have you been providing editorial services for?

Behind the scenes, a very long time! Whilst I’ve been living life (studying, working 9-5, becoming a mummy and launching a business with my husband), I’ve been writing & editing job applications for family & friends for the past 13 years with great feedback. When I worked in the corporate sector it included admin in Recruitment and assisting with recruitment processes in a Customer Assistance division. I also have 2 healthy degrees to support the work I put into your job application – in Psychology and Human Resources. I launched Lucid Resumes in December 2016.