Being Woman: LinkedIn and Life

It’s 3 minutes till 6:00pm on a Monday evening and I am waiting for my daughter to finish her Gymnastics class. While she has been busy swinging from the bars and walking the beams ever so elegantly, I have been boggling my brains with a hundred emails in this block of 1.5 hours that I have.

Someone once told me that mixing Motherhood and business meant learning to do your work in spurts of time. But I believe that this rings true for Motherhood and… anything. I may not need to balance on a beam but I sure know what it’s like to balance all kinds of activities in my schedule!

Do you ever feel like you only have the nooks and crannies of life to deal with all The Things? Sometimes I feel like I need to chop all my to-do lists into tiny bits of confetti – those groceries, dental appointments, that job application and the trouble you’re having with a friend right now? This can get really frustrating and we can long and pine for those days when it was easier for someone to just tell us where to be and when.

I’ve been thinking about this and have come to one conclusion: that perhaps it might be best to just lean into these tiny snippets of time and simply enjoy them. Maybe those hundreds of emails would be better enjoyed (organised) with a cup of your favourite tea? Maybe you just need 3 small tasks completed towards your job application? Maybe you just need to ponder on one aspect of that trouble with that friend, instead of everything about it all at once?


Here are some hints that I thought might be helpful to you:-

Just 3 for Updating your Resume and/or LinkedIn:
1. Type in the details of your last job
2. Ensure they are in oldest to newest date format – your most recent job listed first
3. Go through the dates from bottom to top and fill in the dates that are missing. Eg: You might have 2009-2014 at XYZ Company, and then 2016-current at ABC Company. What happened between 2014-2016? Were you studying? Pop that under Education. Were you enjoying your first or second baby? You may wish to proudly show that off. Were you enjoying baby and helping to organise weekly playgroup dates? Pop that in!

Just 3 for sorting out that nagging issue:
1. Write down (or record your voice) what the situation actually is – this is to get it out of your head
2. Write down (or record) the emotions you are feeling, eg: anger, frustration and sadness
3. Write down (or record) the very first time a similar situation occurred in your life, where the same feelings bubbled up. Making connection with that very first time something similar happened can help us to understand why those same feelings are bubbling up for us in the current situation.

If at any time you feel that you would like further assistance with either your job application or working through some personal issue, you are most welcome to contact me and we can work through it together.

I hope that you are having a wonderful Monday night and that you’re in a position where you can look forward to the rest of the week, knowing what it is you will achieve.

PS, we left Gymnastics at about 6:15, drove home, I chopped some vegies for dinner and popped them in the oven, also popped a piece of chocolate in my mouth, then sat at the computer to finish writing to you! What did I say about tiny bits of confetti? 😉

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