How to Get That Job Application Done (Already)

I’ve had many clients say to me, “I’ve been meaning to get around to it but before I know it, Time gets the better of me.” They want a change in their lives, goodness, some of them NEED a change in their lives – but life itself gets in the way.

I know what this feels like! I’m an expert juggler at life! (Expert at having a million unfinished tasks lol).

I’m the one whose kid says, “I’m up to my last undies, Mum” and I say, “Okay, that means we have to do your washing tomorrow.”

I’m the one who gets asked by other mums, “What are you cooking for dinner tonight?” and I’m standing there thinking for a split second, ‘Let’s talk about the meaning of life cos it sure ain’t dinner tonight.’

Just today I met up with a whole heap of mums and Carla says, “What do you tend to do for yourself? I don’t remember the last time I ever did anything for me.”
I was standing there thinking, ‘Should I admit that I literally put books in the toilet and read one page each time I visit and that’s what I call my time-out’?

So we ALL have some kind of mess going on in our lives and maybe it’s not mess at all? Maybe it’s just life. Maybe the things we are all amiss about are just not obvious until we start talking about them.

Lately I’ve been wondering about my child’s empty drawer. And the unanswered messages. And the undone schedule.

I suddenly stop at the word ‘schedule’, flashing at me in my head, like as though it’s a big red button calling me to just press it, just once, and maybe once I press it, everything will finally fall into place.

SCHEDULE seems to be the key word – is it really the key word? – and not just for my daughter’s extra-curricular activities, and not just for my business and not just for my projects but perhaps for everything. Because honestly, clean undies matter. So does that unread book.

So does that job application for an even better job bringing an even better lifestyle. (Wink, wink; nudge, nudge).

So I’m going to try something new and I was wondering if it might just be what you also need? I’m going to try a free online task manager. The one I am trying is the ever-popular:

If that one doesn’t suit, I noticed there’s quite a few others out there. I just thought I’d share this one 🙂

This task manager lets you enter in your tasks into a list under ‘work’ or ‘personal’ and you can even include a due date – which will help you feel accountable (to something). It is also an app, so you can be a little bit more on top of the things you want to dedicate your time to.

Maybe you could do the same with the use of a similar app? Those job applications that you need to work on – they just need a little bit of time. Dedicate some 30 mins every evening to re-arranging your Resume and putting that application letter together.

If it all gets too much, also remember that you don’t have to do it alone. That’s what us Writers are here for – to assist you! If you’d like some further assistance, you’re welcome to make contact with me so that I can take the Resume & Cover Letter off of your hands.

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