The Lucid Philosophy

Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for visiting my website. If you’re considering investing in your Job Application (Job App) documents, I am more than excited to assist. I have a true passion for what I do and I strongly believe that these documents are absolute key to having a higher chance at that interview!

I offer a:

  • Fully Customised CV/Resume (Not a Template Service) – Tailored to you and your field and relevant requirements
  • Fully Customised Cover Letter – Tailored to the Job and Company that you are applying for (Includes Selection Criteria, where required)

So that you know where I am coming from when I work on your Resume & Cover Letter, these are my basic philosophies:-

  1. Let’s Speak Their Language! – Your Resume & Cover Letter need to be written for the potential employer. When I analyse your Job Appl needs, I get inside the potential employer’s head. I think about what they are looking for and what different words or skills on your Resume portray to them.
    Potential employers only have a few seconds to decide whether to keep or discard your Resume!
  2. Let’s Be Precise! As your LinkedIn Page often shows the entire history of your Work & Education, these days your Resume is used quite specifically for the job that you are applying for. Your LinkedIn is often viewed by potential employers to get a fuller picture of who you are. So let’s edit and compile your Resume accordingly – do not worry that information is missing or deleted in your Resume – because each Resume needs to be tailored for each job. This is part of the natural process of Resume building & editing.
  3. Let’s Be Lucid! – It is not the most skillful Resume that makes it to the Consideration Pile – but actually “the most easily legible” ones that capture the attention of the potential employer. They have very little time and need to easily scan a Resume in about 30 seconds. Therefore, ideally your Resume will be very easy to read, easy to understand and very cohesive from one section to another. A lot of my advice is based on this end goal. In short, the Resume’s purpose is to get your foot in the door to that interview!

If you are ready to go ahead with a capturing set of documents for your next job application, click on Contact and give me a little Bio:

  • Name:
  • Main job/career held (and industry):
  • Job applying for (and industry):
  • What you consider to be your Top 3 positive attributes:

I look forward to hearing from you!

~ Alicia






  1. Hi there, I haven’t applied for a new position in over 7yrs!! I need a resume by Monday if at all possible. Saw your $80 deal and thought I’d see.
    I’m a registered nurse currently working in Haemodialysis in a large hospital. Have been there for 14yrs.
    I’m applying for an EOI in the Renal outpatients area as an acting clinical nurse.


    1. Hi Sue! Thank you for your enquiry. Would you give me till COB Monday at all? If that is possible, I could certainly assist. I take payment upfront so if you could please contact me via Contact – it will come through to my email – I will be able to send through payment details. From there, you can send me your Payment Receipt and Resume (or details of your different Nursing roles over last 14 years via email), I would need these ASAP please, and I would get started straight away. I look forward to hearing from you! Kindest Regards, Alicia


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